International Consultation for Overseas Families - Autism Partnership Singapore

With more than 20 years of international experience, Autism Partnership has been providing high quality intensive ABA services to families. AP has designed a comprehensive consultancy service that enables families to receive services where they live.

A. Local Staff

Parents may choose to hire a staff on their own, and AP can assist with the hiring, selection and on-going training of staff and also conduct regular visits for staff training, curricular development and assessment.

B. Autism Partnership Therapist

Parents may choose to have AP therapist to carry out the intervention program at home. Regular consultation is also provided by our Behavior Consultants.

Services We Provide Includes:

  • Assistance in finding effective staff that live in your country
  • A comprehensive skills assessment of your child’s current level of abilities
  • Tailor-made data collection and curriculum plans written by our expert consultants
  • Development of a highly individualized curriculum on an on-going basis
  • Extensive and intensive hands on training of staff and parents in implementation of the curriculum
  • Unlimited access to our consultants to answer questions or deal with any current problems
  • Follow up visits to ensure the program is operating at the optimal level
  • Advice on school placements, training shadow aides and integrating your child into a school setting